Issue Eighty Three

Service Excellence Group

Company Overview: Service Excellence Group, aka Service X, is a, “customer experience measurement and solutions provider” based in St. Louis Missouri. In 1996, CEO Marci Bolshorn. “began a journey – a mission of personal importance – to share her passion for exceptional service delivery nationwide.” Today this company offers a variety of services including customer…

Caring for Your Equipment in Cold Weather

With the recent blast of Arctic cold covering most of the United States east of the Rockies, it’s a good idea to look at precautions to take to protect your camera, and other electronics, during periods of extreme cold. Last year, I wrote an article for Mystery Shopper Magazine about the care of your video…

$3,000 – $5,000 a Month as a Mystery Shopper

Members of the Mystery Shop Forum have frequently asked if it is financially feasible to survive solely on mystery shopping income. Volunteers, who were successfully earning $2,000 or more per month, were solicited and Mystery Shopper Magazine is proud to present the first in a series of interviews on the topic. MSM talks with Ms….