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FAQ: Apartment Assignments

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The Basics Of Apartment Assignments ”

Contributed by Lisa4984

FAQ: Do I really want to get involved with these types of assignment? Like many other types of shops, this one is either a “love it” or “hate it”. The difference, however, seems to be particularly polarized on apartment shops. One shopper would rather get a colonoscopy than tackle one of these! Another would rather eat “golden arches” food 3 times a day for two days straight to get the same pay. I’m okay with that, because I will take them all and beg for more.

FAQ: Is it worthwhile to spend the time to do these? These jobs usually offer $35 to start. I rarely take them for this, though, unless there are several in one area, they are close to me, and I have a slow week anyway. I typically get $40-$50.

FAQ: How can I make sure my shop is accepted? After getting the job assigned, read all the instructions . I just had one shop rejected because I used the wrong source for locating the property. If there are any questions, the schedulers usually respond very quickly. They are also very good at giving extensions on the due date if needed.

FAQ: What do I do first? Next, make the initial call. Dial *67 to disguise the outgoing number. Say you’re looking for an apartment and heard they may have openings. This is the first part of the shop – the client wants the agent to probe for the source of the apartment listing. In addition, they will ask for some specifics about needs and/or wants. Give as little information as possible and wait for them to ask. This requires a little thought ahead of time to answer smoothly without hesitation or stumbling.

FAQ: What’s next? The agent should invite you to tour the property. They will try to set an appointment, but sometimes the client doesn’t want this. If necessary, make an appointment, but arrive about 15 minutes late or early. It’s better to say that you will be in the area later this afternoon and keep your arrival time vague.

FAQ: How involved is the actual tour? After leaving your ID in the office, you will begin the tour. Fair warning – there is a lot to remember! This includes: the layout/decor of the office/community center, floor plans – especially where the bathroom is in relation to the rest of the unit, décor in a model unit, condition of the units and the grounds, how the agent is dressed, hair style/color/length, agent’s eye color, the route taken to the unit, anything memorable from the tour, etc.

FAQ: How is it possible to remember all that? Some shoppers use a recording app on their cell phones, or they use another audio recording device. This can only be done in single-party consent states. As you tour, ask questions of the agent to record details. As you look into cupboards and closets, mumble notes into your recorder.

FAQ: Are the reports as bad as other shoppers say they are? The reports can take up to 2 or 3 hours at first, but with experience, you can cut that time in half.

FAQ: So how long do these assignments take, aside from the report writing? You will spend 5 to 10 minutes on the phone and about half an hour on the tour itself.

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