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A little more about us:

We’re a team of professional mystery shoppers. We don’t have any headquarters. We’re a small group. But we can be contacted at:

Mystery Shopper Magazine
200 E Maple St #402
Bellingham, WA 98225

Your Comments:

  1. Fran Halbert says:

    I got your latest email of listings, including a mystery shopper editor job. You forwarded it with comments from another who has listed her phone in the comments. You may want to remove that in future mailings.

    • Latricemonet brown says:

      Latrice monet brown would like to make $500 aday .mailed to ,2101mountain run drive.vs/23060 .call me if I got the career .latrice monet brown .8047098549.

  2. Michele says:

    Hi- I’m from BARE International and we have some shop opportunities that we think the readers would love. Can someone from your Mystery Shop Magazine Team contact me to discuss how we get our info to you? Thank You!

  3. Randy says:

    Please resend me the subscriber’s email notification, so I can do the next step. Thank you.

  4. JERRI BAILEY says:

    How can I become a mystery shoppet?

  5. Linda says:

    Please help there are still mystery shopping companies out there paying after 90 days is this even legal. Also what are your opinions on the sales force quality research.The assignments pay well however writing the report is like pulling teeth

  6. Wendy Libowitz says:

    I keep getting offers on Mystery Shoppers with checks before I even begin the work. I’m concerned that it is a scam. I’VE gotten checks in the amount of $2,850 and more before I start! Am I correct to be concerned that this is not legit? I am interested in Mystery Shopping but I’m also concerned about receiving checks in the thousands. I’m pretty sure this can’t be legitimate…or maybe I’M WRONG? Please let me know if this is REAL or a SCAM! I NEED TO KNOW…PLEASE!

    • Debbie Zavatsky says:

      I’ve just received 2 envelopes in mail with MSC assigning mystery shopping job at Best Buy. I am to cash this money order after I fill out the information on the front of money order. I am told to purchase 2 gift cards, one for $500 and another for $200. I am to send pictures of gift cards to a specific address. The phone # left had no voicemail set up so I wasn’t able to talk to anyone or leave a message. I am to keep $300 for my work and to send the gift cards to a specific address. I feel this is not a legit Mystery Shopping Company. Can anyone comment or advise me in what I should do? The company is Pinnacle Customer Metrics had anyone done work for this company?

  7. Freddie Taylor says:

    This article has gi en me insight insight into the job of mystery shopper.The infomation is very helpful.

  8. Freddie Taylor says:

    I have already given my comment

  9. Stacey Dandino says:

    How can I become a mystery shopper

  10. Zachary zane Jackson says:

    I am very interested in becoming one of your mystery shoper please

  11. Dana Kinsey says:

    I want to be a mystery shopper

  12. PHILIP J PALERMO says:

    Go for it.

  13. Doretha gray says:

    Well don’t no y you guys saying it seem lovely to me🥰

  14. Doretha gray says:

    It easy money and it 4eal

  15. linda kincaide says:

    want to become a mystery

  16. linda kincaide says:

    I want to become a mystery shopper

  17. Bee says:

    How to change username?

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