About Face Corporation

Company Overview:  Based in Atlanta, GA, About Face Corporation was founded in 1999. They are accredited by the Atlanta, GA, BBB and have an A+ rating with that organization. There has been one complaint filed in the past three years which dealt with advertising/sales issues. Research has revealed no complaints that deal with issues directly affecting mystery shoppers.

The company shops a wide variety of industries including veterinarians, schools, and other “off the beaten path” shops like college bookstores, car washes, and eyeglass shops.

Personal Experience: I have, and continue to do, shops for this MSC. The pay is generally in line with the work required and the fact that they have shops that are out of the ordinary helps with reducing the burnt out feeling one may get from repeating more routine shops. I find the company easy to work with and they have a reasonable pay schedule of approximately 45 days from date of shop.

What Others Have to Say: Reviews by shoppers at www.mysteryshopforum.com tend to be generally positive. There are some comments about low pay for some jobs, an excessive pay turn around time, etc. Most, in excess of 90%, tend to be positive with no difficulties in any aspect of working with this company. In fact, a closer observation tends to reveal at least one of the shoppers experiencing difficulties tends to have difficulties with most MSC’s that s/he registers with.

Typical comments from shoppers include, “One of my ten best company [sic],” “Great to work for,” “Fantastic schedulers,” etc. Along the same lines, shoppers report that the schedulers at About Face are generally easy to contact and work with, as well as being responsive to the shopper’s questions or need for clarification.

This is a company I can recommend without hesitation.

Overall: If you’re looking to work with a MSC that has a variety of shops, shops that are out of the ordinary, pay as promised, and has an overall good to outstanding reputation, you would be hard pressed to find a company better than About Face Corporation.

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