CIMA Insight – A Boutique Mystery Shopping Company

Company Overview: CIMA Insight is a privately owned mystery shopping company (MSC), headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The company was founded in 2010 by Ellen Schlafer and sold in 2012 to 360Current, “a full service marketing, advertising and digital agency”.

Current360 enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Registration: New shoppers can register here.

Types of Assignments: Although the company’s main focus appears to be the Florida banking industry, according to the website, they do service other business sectors and other states. They offer both on-site assignments and telephone shops. Note: The telephone shops can be conducted from anywhere in the country.

Open Job Notifications: Available jobs are posted on the CIMA Insight’s job board, which uses the Shopmetrics software platform. Shoppers apply for assignments and are notified via email if they are awarded the shop. In addition, periodically, CIMA Insight posts open jobs on the Job Board on the Mystery Shop Forum.

Reports: The reports for the in-person visits are similar to the bank platform shops of most mystery shopping companies, in that a highly detailed account of the visit is required. The telephone shops, according to a shopper on the Mystery Shop Forum, are “short, simple, mostly yes/no reports”. The report timeframe is “within 12 hours”. From our experience, and perhaps because this is a smaller MSC, the editing is even-handed and very positive.

Payment Schedule: Shoppers are paid via PayPal before the 18th of each month for the previous month of shops.

Unique Features: CIMA Insight deals primarily with the financial industry in Florida; the regular shop fees for both an in-person visit and for a telephone shop are refreshingly above the norm of most MSCs; and the company is still small enough to be easily accessible and highly responsive to the shopper.

What Shoppers Have to Say: Although discussion about CIMA Insights on the Mystery Shop Forum is not extensive, it is 100% enthusiastically positive. A sample post reads: “I have shopped with CIMA for the past few months and am very pleased with them. The reports are really reasonable and the pay is great. They also pay fairly quickly. Thumbs up from me!”

Recommendation: Whether you live in Florida or not, what are you waiting for? This is a great company. Sign up today!

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