The Adventures of a Mystery Shopper

Entering the restaurant I was pleasant greeted by a waitress who tried to ignore my somewhat disheveled appearance. It wasn’t every day that a customer appears to have lost a battle with a wayward box of talcum powder. I was shown to my seat and placed my drink order, wishing ardently that they served something stronger than coffee after the morning I’d had.

My morning? It involved an assignment at a landfill. And let me tell you, it didn’t go well. Turns out, got dumped on. LIiterally, by a dump truck. That’s why, I had to slip off to the ladies room to try to tidy myself.

In the course of washing my hands my wedding ring slipped off my finger and decided to vanish down the drain. Letting out a squawk reminiscent of a demented chipmunk I immediately called for help from a passing waitress. After taking one superficial glance down the drain hole she shrugged her shoulders and told me “oh that’s too bad” and walked away. Not being one to take that lying down I took matters into my own hands and dived under the sink to check out the situation.

Hmm? A simple pipe wrench would solve the problem. Sticking my head out the restroom door I managed to frighten another patron about to enter the room. She looked even more startled at the streaks of white powder in my hair and a crazed look in my eye and backed away slowly. I spotted a busboy clearing a table and called to him to see if he could bring me a pipe wrench.

A few moments later he was back with the wrench and a tool box ,staring in fascination and handing them to me like a scrub nurse assisting a surgeon as I asked for various items. In a few moments luck prevailed and my ring dropped out of the sink trap and was quickly restored to my finger.

In the meantime, the waitress hadn’t been idle, calling the restaurant owner on the phone to apprise him of a strange woman in the ladies room taking the fixtures apart. He wasted no time arriving on the scene but I proved I was a little quicker with a pipe wrench than he was with a gas pedal. The sink was back together and in perfect working order by the time he barged into the ladies restroom.

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