The Adventures of a Mystery Shopper

“Hmm…what’s this? “I wondered as I spotted something lying in the shrubbery. “People just dump trash everywhere.” I pulled out my camera to snap a photo as we’re required to do for this question of the gas shop I was doing.

I took a few steps closer and my blood ran cold, it wasn’t just someone’s rubbish alongside the roadside.

“Oh holy guacamole!!” I thought to myself as I cautiously approached a still human form lying on the ground. “This guy isn’t breathing.”

Running faster than when chased by a love-struck goat I sped back to the store on-site to tell the manager about the situation. To my utter amazement the manager acknowledged that he already knew about it and with a shrug of his shoulders said to me “I called corporate and they said don’t get involved”. With that he turned around and continued to put packages of pudding on the shelves.

“Don’t get involved?” I fumed to myself, “We’ll just SEE about that!” Taking off my tell-tale orange safety vest and throwing my paperwork into my car I walked off the property and made a fast phone call to 911, stating the case and identifying myself as my real life persona as a minister of a local church.

Only moments later emergency personnel appeared on the scene, followed shortly by a fast moving and irate manager of the gas station. Police arrived after Mr. Wonderful tried to chase the ambulance crew off the property and in the resulting mayhem I quietly slipped away.

My report was definitely interesting to write when asked for “anything unique or unusual” which took place during this shop. It’s not every day one finds a dead body in the bushes.


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