The Mystery of the Snow Drift and the Missing Car.

I recently completed a shop for one of those seashore gas stations. It was fairly simple, I took my photos according to the approved photos list and went on my merry way back to the car. Or so I thought.

To hear the routine back-up beeper of snow removal equipment is commonplace here, snowplows, pickup trucks with blades and bulldozers are everyday fare. However, the avalanche caused by an errant bulldozer is not the norm. I left the store on site to get one more photo of the overall location just to be on the safe side because the location was app 45 miles from my house and as I get into position my eye wanders over to where my car was parked. Or so I thought.

Instead of my awaiting chariot, I beheld the sight of a mountainous pile of snow that I could swear had not been there moments before. Not quite believing my eyes, I hurried over to see that a towering pile of snow now stood where my car once was.

It wasn’t a mirage but rather a landslide of the frozen white stuff which shifted when accidentally walloped from behind by one of the large pieces of snow removal equipment. Mother Nature certainly has a bizarre sense of humor, especially when she chose that moment to have a partial slide off the roof of the store building next door, further burying a certain car in an icy tomb. The only sign that a car was under that mound of white was the appearance of a side mirror peering out from its encompassing blanket.

Fortunately a kind-hearted observer was helpful and lent a hand in digging out of the frozen tundra. If not for the help,  I might still be digging my way out.

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