How do I get a free Porsche for six weeks?

I have done Porsche shops in the past. I don’t do video, but regular ones.
I have never heard of getting the car for six weeks. I am a car freak and would love that. Altho not an SUV (haha).
I want a Panamera.
But anyway, how does one apply for that gig? Thru Porsche itself??
Thanks for any info.
J. Daly

JD, this shop was a regular shop. It was offered, if I recall, through the MSC that does the Porsche shops. If you were accepted, you had to fly to Atlanta for training. You were then given a route to shop for repairs at Porsche dealers. I believe 2013 was the first year it was offered and I haven’t heard if they will do it again or not. The car you were given was an older model 5-6 years old, IIRC. I ran the numbers and it seemed to be a break-even proposition. So it was up to your scheduling ability to make the trip profitable by scheduling other shops along the way.


A second question:

Hi James,
I wondered if you could give me any advice ? Have you any idea of what I could charge for a company to use my PV-500 for them to do video work on a daily rate?
Kind Regards
Joan Heatherington

Thanks for the question, Joan. I assume from the question that you’re considering offering your services directly to a company without going through a MSC. A lot would depend on the demand for the service, such as why they would need it.

I have the PV-500 EVO 2 with the high definition button camera. While it sometimes creates playback problems, which can be resolved with the free download of VLC Media Player, it has the advantage of being “broadcast quality”. I have a contact with one local TV station and I’ll do undercover video for them for $75 per hour with a two hour minimum. I also have several lawyers as clients. My rate for them is $150 per hour with a three hour minimum. The pricing difference is due to the nature of the work. Generally there will be a higher risk with a lawyer so there has to be a higher reward. Also, the lawyer is going to pass my fee on to the client. Plus there’s the chance that I will be called on to testify regarding the video in court. Also with the lawyer, you will turn over the SD card since it has evidence on it, and the odds are you won’t get it back.

As far as contracting with a local business goes, I really can’t offer you any advice other than to find the need for the service and sell that you’re the best person to do the job. I would also advise you to be discreet in advertising your service as you wouldn’t want people to conclude that you’re a mystery shopper.

And one last thing, all this assumes you are in a single party consent state. If you’re in a 2-party consent state, then you can forget about the audio portion of your recording being legal.


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