“Adult” Retail Shops

Overview: The last time I was in one of these “Adult Entertainment” emporiums was in the early 80’s shortly after graduating college. At the time, these were places where you generally went at night, parked behind the building or, if you were forced to park on the street side, you did your best to back into the parking space…anything to avoid having your license plate seen. And they were generally in less respectable areas of town.

What a difference 30 years makes.

Yes, there are still the seedy establishments, but today a majority of these places are clean, well lit, and in strip malls in better areas of town. There are also at least two franchised chains and at least one of them is mystery shopped.

Project variations: Most of these shops will require a purchase.

Visit and reporting requirements: Reports generally need to be completed within 12 hours of your visit.

Strategies: There is a current discussion on mysteryshopforum.com, at http://www.mysteryshopforum.com/read/2/288463, asking if the shopper might be embarrassed from doing these shops. Go in as a mature adult and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Special note: The survey I answered had several questions that required answers, yet a person who does not regularly visit this type of store would be unable to answer the questions. I mentioned
those questions specifically in the summary to the MSC.

What others have to say: See the above referenced discussion.

Estimated pay: $15 plus a reimbursement.

MSCs: Measure Consumer Perspectives, Beyond Hello

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