Car Wraps: Turn Your Car Into A Billboard for Money



While this isn’t exactly mystery shopping, and it will make your vehicle memorable, after discussing this with Jacob we decided this is an avenue some shoppers might want to pursue to generate additional income.

Adz In Motion, www.adzinmotion.com, and Wrap Match, www.wrapmatch.com, are two companies that manage national campaigns to get advertising wraps onto vehicles.

According to their website, Adz In Motion specializes in full vehicle wraps. If your vehicle is chosen, and if you agree with what will be advertised, you will go to a local installer where you will sign the contract, have your beginning mileage recorded, and have the wrap applied. The website says the process should take about one hour. At the end of the campaign, you return to the installer, the wrap is removed, and your ending mileage is also recorded. Based on the miles driven, you can earn [according to their website] $500 per month.

Wrap Match has a different approach. Their advertising is mainly centered on side panels and rear window wraps. They send you the wrap, along with installation instructions. During the course of the campaign, you will receive several emails requesting pictures of the wrap on your vehicle. These occur at random times. Wrap Match also pays a flat rate per wrap, which maxes out at $400 per month if the program includes both sides and the rear window.

Wrap Match also requires a copy of your driving record [$24.99].

Both companies claim the wraps are easy to remove and will not damage your car’s finish.

In researching the companies, I found a report that Adz In Motion had gone out of business in 1999. The website is still active and relatively current. Also, upon registering, I did receive an automated email acknowledgement of my registration. It seems odd to have these experiences if the company is out of business. I did receive a phone call from Wrap Match within 48 hours of my registering with the company.

I do not know how having wraps on your vehicle will affect your taxes, i.e. if you have a wrap, will every mile you drive be tax deductible at 56 cents per mile [2014 figure]? Also, if you’re consistently having wraps on your vehicle, will that affect your automobile insurance rate?

In the interest of full disclosure, I have yet to have a wrap on my vehicle. I do intend to follow through as I see it as a way to potentially cover my fuel cost for the year.

Friday afternoon I received an e-mail from Wrap Match asking if I would prefer a dental firm or a law firm. We shall see what happens.

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