Compare and Contrast Financial Institutions

Overview: I recently completed a new kind of assignment.  The assignment is to Compare and Contrast two different financial institutions. When I received the email about the assignment I hesitated before applying because it seemed like it would be a lot of work, but I told myself that I would try it because I love trying new things.

The best part of the shop is that you have to visit the locations consecutively, which is good because the details are fresh in your memory. The downfall of the shop is that you will be listening to basically the same presentation, which can be a bit repetitive.

Project Variations: You have to evaluate each facility on its own merit, then compare it to the other facility, giving your subjective reasons for your choices. The questions are direct and to the point, but you have to make sure to highlight the distinct differences between the two establishments.

Visit and reporting requirements:  As always, you have the follow the guidelines, the guidelines for this shop state that you are to visit two separate financial institutions, talk to a banker and get information about signing up with them. You should pay attention to the aesthetics of the offices as if you really wanted to open an account there. There is no requirement to make copies of the documents that you receive, but you are required to submit a copy of their business card.

Strategies:  I would suggest that you make the two locations your first stops on your shopping route as a way of making sure that you are fresh and the details will be easier to retain. You will want to watch out for the differences in the locations because it’s rare for them to be the same at each of them.

Tips: I would recommend that you take notes after completing the first portion of the shop, before going on to the second portion of the shop, as a way of keeping the nuances of each establishment fresh in your memory. The report for this particular shop was not bad in my opinion. The questions on the form were direct and to the point and focused on which representative you liked best and why, which facility you liked best and why.

What others have to say: I have not seen any feedback on the message boards about this topic, I think that the concept may be relatively new.

Estimated pay:  The estimated pay for this assignment is between $30.00 and $40.00. But there is a bonus applied to the shop.

MSCs: So far I have only seen this shop with Intellishop but I will be on the lookout for other companies that may be doing the same type of shop.

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