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Laboratory Testing Assignments

Overview: For the most part, these of the assignments are quick and easy, requiring very little effort on the part of the mystery shopper. The hardest and longest part of these assignments is finding the clinic. These are usually located in small nondescript buildings with minimal signage advertising their presence.

Still if you are leery of medical procedures, read on to learn more before accepting one of these assignments.

Project Variations: There are two basic scenarios. In one, you will be posing as a newly hired employee required by your employer to undergo drug testing. In another, you will act as a patient who has been directed by your doctor to get some lab work completed.

Testing for either scenario will either be accomplished via a blood draw or providing a urine sample.

Visit & Reporting Requirements: The on-site visit takes around 15 minutes, depending upon how many other patients are awaiting testing ahead of you. Likewise, the report is also short and sweet, requiring about the same amount of time.

Strategies: When you get assigned to a lab work project, the MSC will issue you paperwork via email that you must take with you to your appointment. This paperwork will appear to have been generated by an employer or doctor, and will specify what kind of testing is being requested. You will present this to the clinician when you arrive.

Fill up on fluids prior to your appointment. It will be much easier to provide either biological sample specified if you are not dehydrated.

Payment arrangements have already been made for this lab work, so do not pay for any services yourself. Do note if the clinician tries to obtain a payment from you.

When you first arrive, note the time and how many other patients are waiting. Look around the facility to check for cleanliness issues. Check to see if the clinicians are wearing nametags.

Also observe if clinicians are being discreet with patient information. Verbal discussions should be conducted in low tones to protect the privacy of the patient. Records and other paperwork should be secured out of sight of others.

Note the check-in process. Was the clinician friendly yet professional? Did the clinician give you a time estimate? Were you asked to provide proof of identity?

Once you are notified that it is your turn to be tested, did the clinician explain the procedure for providing the sample in clear and understandable terms? Were they able to answer any questions that you were required by the client to ask? Did you feel comfortable throughout the testing?

Note how long you waited for your testing, and how long you were in the clinic overall.

What Others Have to Say: There is not a great deal of conversation on www.mysteryshopforum.com about laboratory testing. The overall feeling seems to be a bit wary of trying out these assignments. That’s understandable if you don’t like needles or are somewhat shy about providing a biological sample. If you don’t have such qualms, you are sure to find these assignments much easier to do than most of the others on your day’s itinerary.

Estimated Pay: Pay is typically $15 to $25. These quick assignments are good schedule-fillers.

MSCs: One of the mystery shopping companies that conduct evaluations of testing clinics is Second To None.

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