Unrevealed Compliance Audits

Overview: Not all audits are revealed. I recently completed an audit for an upscale manufacturer where I was to pose as a typical customer interested in purchasing their top of the line product.

Project variations: You may not always be assigned a top of the line product. In any case, be observant for attempts to upsell or downsell you on a particular items.

Visit and reporting requirements: A pre-visit phone call was required to ask for directions or hours of operation, etc. There was a 24-hour reporting window.

Strategies: The instructions will generally give you the basics, i.e. home type, price range, income level, and other demographics.

Special note: Be observant and review the questionnaire thoroughly. You may come across questions that actually aren’t covered in the instructions. Also, and this is especially true when shopping high pricepoint products, pay attention to if you’re being upsold or downsold—and be prepared with specifics. In a single party consent state this is an instance where the DVR will come in handy for getting quotes.
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Estimated pay: $15 and up.

MSCs: National Shopping Service Network [not to be confused with National Shopping Service, Service Excellence Group.

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