Issue Fifty Five

A Closer Look

Company Overview: This company is lauded as a favorite of shoppers time and time again, so consider adding this one to your list of MSCs. A Closer Look was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia. They offer many assignments in hospitality including bistros, hotels and resorts, breweries, and casual and upscale dining….

Do our life experiences influence our shops?

I was recently in Atlanta, Georgia doing some shops and I had the opportunity to meet a fellow shopper for a late lunch [no, it wasn’t a shop]. We were talking about shops we’ve done when the discussion turned to how our experiences affect the shops we do. Or perhaps a better way to say…

Wrap Match: Final Update

UPDATE: WARNING: WRAPMATCH.COM APPEARS TO BE A SCAM. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICES. I had honestly believed that I had come across a way for shoppers to make some extra money while driving between shops. The plan sounded good…better than it turned out to be. I received an e-mail from a friend this morning….

Let the Shopper Beware

Sometimes we as shoppers get too complacent or maybe too comfortable with a given assignment, to the point that a similar assignment comes along and we don’t give it the due diligence that we should. Case in point, I’ve done over a dozen mystery shops each for both Tommy Hilfiger and Old Navy. The shops…