Wrap Match: Final Update



I had honestly believed that I had come across a way for shoppers to make some extra money while driving between shops. The plan sounded good…better than it turned out to be.

I received an e-mail from a friend this morning. They had been advertising a friend’s business on their car and now had the space available for Wrap Match. They contacted Wrap Match and were told the following:

I have one available for premium members if you want to jump into that
program again. . .

You will be assigned a beautiful decal (1×3 ft, image above) and your very
own unique toll free number like (ex.1 888-555-9806). <—- not a real

Any time someone signs up for WrapMatch by calling your unique number you
will make $10 cash. That simple. This is one of the highest paying
campaigns that we are running right now so we thought you’d love it as a
starter. We have drivers making $350 a month regularly! Not only can you
now get paid to tell your friends and family about WrapMatch but strangers
who see the decals add to your monthly earnings too!

We are going to take care of the cost of the decal and the cost to create
your unique number. We just ask you to pay a small shipping fee to get it
to you.

This email has been sent out to A LOT of people and the first 15 to fill
out the google form will get the gig. End of Wrap Match email.

So…. I pay them $7.99 a month AND THE SMALL SHIPPING FEE and I get to recruit other suckers to give them $25 so I can earn $10 each. And those suckers will no doubt get this same opportunity. Can we spell PYRAMID SCHEME?

I responded:

If I have to be a premium member to get wrapped, you can refund the fee I already paid and forget about it. Is this some kind of scam just to get people to pay you every month? I’ve got a friend who also signed up and didn’t do the monthly fee and he hasn’t been wrapped either. Why should I pay you to advertise for you? It’s supposed to be the other way around.

I’m not throwing good money after bad. Either wrap me or refund my money.
And have heard nothing back.

I will be doing a chargeback as soon as I figure out which credit card I used. And I will be reporting this to the FTC or the attorney general or whoever I figure out is in charge of busting pyramid schemes because this clearly is one.

I suggest you do a chargeback as well. These people are nothing but scammers.

I will be visiting my bank this afternoon to see about doing a chargeback. It does appear that this company is a Ponzi Scheme and I retract all recommendations that were made or inferred.

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