Cirrus Marketing Intelligence

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence began in 1993, over 23 years ago in Anaheim, California. Cirrus is a long time member of MSPA and is “one among an elite group of companies that consistently demonstrates the highest level of professional standards,” according to their web site. They have between 80,000-100,000 mystery shoppers and have completed over 1.7 million shops. The one highest complaint about Cirrus Marketing is the time it takes to be paid for a shop. According to their website, if a shopper does a shop in January, they can expect to be paid 60-90 days later, which takes them to April to be paid.

Fast Fact: Cirrus Marketing is a licensed and fully insured Private Investigative Agency.

Shops: Cable TV Provider Shops, Travel Shops, Financial Banking Shops, Apartment Shops/Multi Family/ Shops, Amusement Parks, Automotive Shops, C-Stores, Drug Stores, Gas Stations, Fitness Shops, Hotel/Spa Shops, Movie Theater Shops, Restaurant Shops/Casual Dining/Quick Serve/Drive Thru Shops, Retail Shops, Self-Storage Shops, Supermarkets, Time Shares, Customer Feedback Surveys, Brand Compliance Audits, Time Share Shops, Medical Supply Shops, IVR and ICR Reports, Vocazilla Format Phone Shops, Alcohol/Tobacco Compliance Shops, Sensitive Audits/Legal Complaints, Customer Intercepts, Exit Interviews, Crisis Management Team Assistance (expired food, tainted products, safety issues) Digital Image Audits (Brand Compliance) Incentive Mystery Shop Rewards, Customer/Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Web Surveys, Fair Housing Complaint Audits, Apartment Shops (recorded and non-recorded), Prospective Call Back Audits, Auto/Dealer/Service/ Competitive Price Shops, Famous Swedish Furniture Shops, Famous Automaker Shops, Call Center Targeted Shops, and Theme Parks.

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