Reality Based Group (RBG)

Reality Based Group (RBG) has been in business since 1992 and is the world’s leader in video mystery shopping. Based out of Austin, Texas, RBG is one of the four founding members of the MSPA. RBG reaches out internationally as one of the historically influential players in mystery shopping. RBG started originally as GAMEFILM, the world’s largest video shopping company. The CEO is Josh Stern and he runs this successful company that is truly a shopper’s favorite! Being in business for over 24 years, this amazing company has 320,000 shoppers and serves over 2,000 clients. There have been over 2 Million shops completed by RBG’s great and dedicated mystery shoppers!

Mission: To Deliver “Reality based” continuous improvement programs that create a world-class customer experience.”

Motto: “To positively impact the customer experience of one of many of the world’s leading brands, in a meaningful way.”

Shops: Famous Internet Order Store Platform Shops, Famous Donation Shops, World Wide Retailer Imports Store Shops, Famous Pastry Roll Shops, Insurance Shops, Flower & Fruit Shops/Edible Shops, Hair Cutting Shops, Bank Shops, Rental Store Shops, Famous Shoe Shops, Health Care Shops, Famous Natural Foods Shops, Country Store Shops, Women’s Accessories Shops, Famous Hotel Shops, Gym/Fitness Shops, Closet Designer Shops, Famous Steak Shops and Tire Shops/Service/Repair Shop, Banking and Competitor Shops.

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