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Welcome to the mysterious world of mystery shopping! This book is a short guide to success as a mystery shopper. You will learn the basics of mystery shopping, read profiles of successful mystery shoppers, and learn valuable tips from over 20 highly experienced shoppers.

The mystery shopping world is large and diverse. As a mystery shopper, you may do something as simple as purchase a piece of clothing and report back about your interaction with the sales rep. Or you might go to a fast food restaurant and record speed of service, cleanliness, whether you got a smile, and more. Or you might go to a car dealership and test drive a high-end sports car.

The options for mystery shopping are nearly endless.

The goal of this book is to give you the ability to take advantage of the many possibilities of mystery shopping. You’ll get a solid foundation to begin exploring your options.

Chapter one is a beginner’s guide to shopping. It answers the basic questions most shoppers have when they get started.

Chapter two is all about staying organized. This is very important – both to make it easy to pay taxes, but also to make sure you get paid for all the work you do.

Chapter three features the profiles of 3 mystery shoppers. This will give you insight into what life as a mystery shopper is actually like.

Finally, we have a section of tips from other shoppers. This is a densely packed and highly useful section, full of information that every shopper should know. This is followed by a short section with links to additional resources.

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