eBook Download Page: Route Shopping for Mystery Shoppers

This e-book is a short guide to route shopping for mystery shoppers. If you’ve never considered route shopping, this book will help you decide whether it is worth it for you, and how to succeed.

Route shopping is, in its essence, a very simple idea. You complete a “route” of mystery shopping assignments in a single day, or even several days. Why would anyone do this? You get to travel and earn more money per day. In practice, this simple idea can be hard work.

Our goal with this ebook is to make it easier for you. Here is a little bit of what we’ll cover:

• How to Know if Route Shopping is for Me
• Planning an Efficient Route
• How to Determine How Many Shops to Do in One Day
• Shopping for One Company Versus Shopping for Multiple Companies
• Asking for a Bonus for Travel
• What to do When Things Go Wrong
• Real World Examples

If you’re ready to start learning more about route shopping, download the book now. Here’s the download link:

Route Shopping for Mystery Shoppers

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