The Future of Mystery Shopper Magazine

Jacob and I have been discussing for a while how we envision Mystery Shopper Magazine growing in the future. Also, Jacques’ business has been growing, so he has been devoting less time to shopping and has decided to retire as a contributor to the magazine. As a result of these conversations and contributor changes, there are going to be some changes made in the magazine over the next few weeks and months.

First, I am going to be transitioning from a regular contributor to being the editor and “conscience” for the magazine. I’ll still do occasional articles, but they will be more along the line of “The Priest and the Shopper“, rather than specific company or shop reviews. They will be philosophical in nature, designed to provoke thought and discussion. We might even post a thread in the forum for discussion of the topic. I’ll also continue to answer reader’s questions and other bits in “Loose Ends”, or whatever we may decide to name it.

Second, we’re going to have a writing staff of about five to seven shoppers. Their articles will cover the same type of articles we’ve been doing: mystery shopping company (MSC) reviews and shopping assignments. I have exhausted my list of shopping assignments, and it is likely you will be seeing assignments I’ve done popping back up here by a different shopper. This is part of our intent. We want to give you the opportunity to see the same type of shop through different eyes. Likewise, the shoppers will be giving their takes on MSC’s that I may have already reviewed. Another advantage of the larger writer pool is that each writer will only need to do 2-3 articles per month, rather than the 14-16 I was doing each month.

Third, we are bringing back the “Shopper Bio”, where shoppers will be given a chance to introduce themselves in about 500 words. This will likely be in every other issue. Check your PM’s in www.mysteryshopforum.com to see if we’ve sent a request, or email me, james@mysteryshoppermagazine.com for the guidelines.

Lastly, I’m putting together a select group of shoppers who will each write one article a month on some aspect of mystery shopping that appeals to them, whether it’s a “technique” article, or a “technical” article.

We are very excited about bringing more writers to the magazine and giving our readers a wider variety of content.  As always, our mission is to help mystery shoppers in every way that we can.

Please come along for the ride and invite any shoppers you know to subscribe to the magazine.


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