Posted By Jacob Jans, Editor

“We’re Amazing”

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As shoppers, we’re asked to write lengthy, professionally written, objective reports. We do. We’re asked to discreetly take impossible pictures of an interior location, which happens to be positioned directly in front of the associates. We do. We are asked to discreetly perform precision timings, while not looking at our watches. We do. And all too often, we do this for a mere $10 or $15.

Recently, I’ve received several emails from a MSC well known for its mind numbing narrative requirements. They originally were offering $5 to shop a DIY retailer, interact with an associate and take three pictures, to boot. (Don’t forget about the crazy narrative.) Perhaps, because of the lack of shopper enthusiasm, they have now doubled the fee to a whopping $10. Oh, did I mention, the unrevealed shop involves three pictures: one of the exterior, a pic of the end cap display and photographing the associate?

Of course, this started me wondering about what more they could possibly ask….

“Guidelines: The client has requested that you perform a cartwheel as you exit the location. Please, be discreet so as not to be identified as a mystery shopper.” I’m sure, we’ll figure out a way to do it….. because, well, we’re amazing!


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