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Letter From the Editor

Welcome to the second issue of mystery shopper magazine.

We have two new reviews of mystery shopping companies, as well as two assignments for you to learn more about.

My hope is that the magazine will help mystery shoppers succeed. Our goal is to give voice to mystery shoppers everywhere, and to make your mystery shopping adventures as easy and fun as possible.

Mystery Shopper Magazine is brand new. Which means we have more in store for you in future issues. Coming soon, we have a new column by an experienced shopper. She’s been in the business 20 years, and has had many strange and interesting experiences. She’s going to share some of those stories with you in her column, Adventures of a Mystery Shopper

In addition to the reviews of companies, the overviews of assignments, and the Adventures, we are working on interviews with mystery shoppers and company representatives.

We also plan on occasionally publishing articles about important topics to the industry, such as the “independent contractor” controversy, the proliferation of scam artists attacking the industry, as well as explorations of community action that have had a big impact: For example, the recent demise of the Freeman Group.

As you can see, we have big hopes for the Magazine, but our focus will always be on helping mystery shoppers succeed. We’re going to start small, and slowly build a staff of writers and regular contributors.

If you are a mystery shopper, and are interested in writing an article to us, please send a proposal to my personal email address:

If you represent a mystery shopping company, and would like to be interviewed for a future issue, please send me an email as well.

Best wishes,

Jacob Jans
Mystery Shopper Magazine


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