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Letter From the Editor

Welcome to the fourth issue of mystery shopper magazine. In this issue we feature 2 mystery shopping companies, and show you how to get started with 2 assignments.  This week, we feature Travel Center  assignments. If you weren’t scared away by Cettie’s Adventure last week, then this is your chance to learn how to get started mystery shopping at Travel Centers.

The two mystery shopping companies that we review are both positive reviews. But it would be wise to read our reviews before signing up with them. You’ll be prepared for slow, but consistent, pay with one company, and a confusing sign up process with the other.

This is Cettie’s week off from publishing her adventures. But, no worries, she’s returning next week. We are also going to start publishing a bi-weekly Shopper Profile. If you’d like to be featured, keep your eyes out on Mystery Shop Forum.

As we enter the fourth week of the magazine, we continue to grow at a steady pace. We now have over 2,700 subscribers. Last week, we announced the Magazine to Mystery Shop Forum, and the response was very positive. In many ways, we exist because of the forum. All of our writers are active participants there. Many of the insights about companies and assignments that we publish are derived from the forum. The Mystery Shop Forum community is a remarkable community, and we’re lucky to be able to have their support as we move forward. Indeed, most of our subscriber growth this week came from the forum.

To all our new subscribers: Thank you. And welcome to our Magazine. We’re here to support mystery shoppers.

Also, if you want to write a Letter to the Editor, please send us one. We will consider all letters for publication in the magazine.

We also want to build good relationships with mystery shopping companies. If you represent a mystery shopping company, please contact us if you would like to be interviewed. We are not currently accepting direct sponsorship, but if you would like to sponsor us in the future, please let us know, and we’ll get in touch when sponsorship opportunities become available.


Jacob Jans

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