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Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Issue Seven of Mystery Shopper Magazine. This week Cettie returns with another adventure. This time, an unusual experience at a post office causes everyone to unexpectedly clap and cheer. It’s a fun story, and well worth the read.

Just as importantly, we have two reviews of mystery shopping companies. Goodwin & Associates is a company that has had a long history of reported payment issues, but they seem to be on the turnaround. Ceridwyn’s analysis of the situation demonstrates the importance of the mystery shopping community.

It is only through the community that we can hold companies accountable, and encourage them to treat mystery shoppers fairly and with respect. There is still much work to do, but we should recognize the many mystery shopping companies who support and respect their mystery shoppers, and the community of shoppers who have rallied together to support one another.

This issue, we also show you how to get started with two mystery shopping assignments. Both of them are practical assignments. Most people need to eventually get an oil change, or go to the grocery store. As mystery shoppers, we’re lucky to be able to get paid to do the things we need to do anyways. If you’ve not done either of these assignments yet, here’s your chance to learn how.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please send them our way. We exist to support mystery shoppers, and your feedback is both encouraging and valuable.


Jacob Jans
Mystery Shopper Magazine

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