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Letter from the Editor

Mystery shoppers usually work alone. They rarely get the chance to meet other shoppers. When I started Mystery Shop Forum five years ago, I saw the need for a community that could both support mystery shoppers and help shopper connect. In the five years since I started the Forum, the community has grown beyond anything I ever imagined. There are so many experienced shoppers in the forum community who very willingly contribute and support other shoppers. Every shopper has different goals, and goes about things in a different way, and I believe it will only help strengthen the community if we start learning more about our members.

That’s why we’re starting a new series of articles on Mystery Shopper Magazine: Profiles of Mystery Shoppers. This week, we feature Traveliz, who has been mystery shopping for over 14 years. Be sure to read her profile to learn her number one tip for other shoppers, plus her favorite assignments.

If you’re interested in getting profiled, be sure to check out our announcement on Mystery Shop Forum.

This week we also feature another new column, ShopTalk. If you’re ever confused by industry lingo, or can’t quite wrap your head around a certain acronym, then this is a must read. Every industry has their own language, and this column will help you learn to “talk mystery shopper.”

Our featured assignment this week is definitely not for everyone, but if you’ve ever been curious about mystery shopping adult boutiques, then this is your chance to learn more.

Of the two companies we review this week, Reality Check is definitely worth a look. They have a very good reputation. The other company we review is a little more mysterious. They were part of the “mystery shopping tv show” that aired on the Food Network, but availability of assignmetns from them seems to be a little scarce. Read the article to learn more.

As always, if you have any questions, or feedback, please send us a message.


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Mystery Shopper Magazine


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