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Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Issue Ten of Mystery Shopper Magazine! This issue we show you how to get started with pet store assignments. So, if you have furry friends in your life, you may want to take note. And if you have to beg, borrow, or steal a friend’s pet, then it may be worth it, because you now have the opportunity to take a cat or dog on a mystery shopping assignment.

This issue we also review two mystery shopping companies. Quest for Best is a company that seems to truly live up to their name. They get stellar marks from the members of Mystery Shop Forum, and they also get stellar marks from our review. They have assignments available throughout the US and Canada, but the majority of the clients are based in the Midwestern and Southwestern United States.

Our second review is of Five Diamond Hospitality. They’re a lesser known company with hotel assignments. They have a rigorous application process, including a phone interview. As with any company, they have their pros and cons, so be sure to read our review if you’re interested in completing hotel assignments with them.

We’re also excited to feature a forum member in this issue. Itsasecret has completed over 160 assignments. Read her profile to learn her tip for new shoppers, plus her harrowing account of how she barely survived her first assignment.

And that’s not all — this issue also included a FAQ on how to stay undercover while on assignment. There are very good reasons to stay undercover, including making sure you get to be paid for the assignment. Read our FAQ so you can be prepared.

Next week Cettie returns with another adventure. Stay tuned and keep reading. And thank you for your support.


Jacob Jans

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