Shopper Bio: Pammie8223

Forum Name: Pammie8223

How long have you been Mystery Shopping?

I have been shopping for 2 years.

Where are you shopping?


What got you started?

I was laid off from my job and started researching work at home projects when an ad for mystery shopping popped up on my computer. I thought about it and decided to try it.

What was your first assignment and how did it go?

My first assignment was for an electronics store, I had to go there with a younger person to find out if the store would allow them to purchase M rated video games. The shop went well but I was really nervous. I gave my niece the money for the purchase and I watched her from a distance as she completed the sale. I was lucky in respect to the fact that there were no timings and I just had to give general descriptions.

I did not have a scanner so I had to tape the receipt to the wall so that I could get a photo of it to mail to myself and download for the report. Once I had completed the report I was nervous, I really did not know what to expect was this a scam? Would I be paid as described? Well it turns out that it was not a scam and I was paid a week later. I was so proud and happy. I started to do more research and found a message board that supported mystery shoppers! Who knew that there was a big network of people that were doing this? I started shopping and have not looked back.

What is your favorite type of assignment? 

My favorite type of assignments are the grocery store assignments. I enjoy them because I can buy things that I would not usually buy and try out new recipes for my family.

What kind of assignment haven’t you tried out yet?  

I have not tried out any of the video assignments yet, I am still trying to work up my courage to do those.

What’s your #1 tip for other shoppers?  

My #1 tip would be to read the guidelines and the report before you go out on a shop there are times when there are things that are on the report that were not highlighted on the guidelines.

What is your biggest pet peeve with mystery shopping?

My biggest pet peeve with mystery shopping is that some companies take a long time to let you know if you have been given approved for an assignment.

What’s your favorite MSC? 

I do not really have a favorite MSC, I like all of the ones that I shop with for different reasons, but I have to admit that I prefer to shop with the companies that have a shorter rotation time.

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