Consumer Impressions

Company Overview: Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Consumer Impressions has been in business since 1991. This MSC specializes in fast food with several regional chains in nine states. Registration is on their website, http://www.consumerimpressions.com/.

There is no record of this MSC with the Plano, Texas, BBB.

Personal Experience: I have no personal experience with this MSC because they do not offer shops in my area.

What Others Have to Say: Comments about Consumer Impressions generally tend to be positive. There have been some reported problems with their website, although logging out and logging back in usually resolves those issues. Shoppers generally seem to be satisfied with the fees which range from $8 to 12, plus reimbursement, depending if the shop is lunch, dinner, or late night. One shopper reported getting a text requesting them to do a shop in a town they were heading to. Because of the limited internet access the shopper would have, the scheduler texted all the requirements to the shopper so the shopper was able to review everything before the shop. The scheduler was even able to assist the shopper when the shopper had a few questions in filling out the survey when they got home that evening.

There was one shopper who posted payment problems with this MSC. It should be noted that the same shopper also posted payment problems with three or four other MSC’s at about the same time. When asked for some clarification, the shopper vanished just as surely as when Lamont Cranston became The Shadow.

Overall: Consumer Impressions appears to be a MSC that goes above and beyond when it comes to assisting shoppers to get the assignments done right. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of the nine states served by this MSC, I hope you’re signed up with them. As for me, I’m counting the days until they get a client in the Carolinas. Consumer Impressions definitely rates an A+.

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