From Linkedin, mVentix “is a point-of-sale marketing firm with primary focus on market intelligence gathering, mobile engagement and channel marketing solutions.”

Formed in 2004 and formerly known as Integrity Marketing, this Los Angeles area based company serves retail clients in the United States and Canada. It claims to not only use technology, but also develop it to serve its clients.

The website integrates some of that technology while presenting a challenge for the shopper to navigate. There is no area clearly designated for shoppers. The log-in page presents six options including SellPro, which is a mobile training app for clients. One of these options, IntegriRep, is their unique job board and shop reporting platform. New shoppers or MIRs (Market Intelligence Representatives) wishing to apply may go here.

This company prefers to have the optimal number of shoppers in any area to give more assignment opportunities to active shoppers. Thus, they may put some applications on hold. If invited to continue the application process, potential MIRs will be invited to pass a MIR Certification Course test with a grade of 80% or better.

Once you complete the test, you may self assign shops. Before performing shops, shoppers must pass a certification test for each client with a score of 100%. However, shoppers will have a 48 hour window after self-assignment to pass the test with no limit on the number of attempts.

This MSPA member company pays by direct deposit on the forth Friday of the month following the shop. This company uses social media to promote itself. Their Facebook page proudly proclaims, “Our field reps are trained ninjas.”

What other’s have to say: The “trained ninjas” that also double as Mystery Shop Forum users universally like mVentix. They say the shops are easy to complete, the pay is fair for the work and they pay like clockwork. One shopper says she has reported shops in about five minutes on her cell phone. Many shoppers say shops fly off the boards, sometimes in minutes if not hours. These comments confirm the company’s statement that shops usually are claimed 24 hours after posting.

Shoppers say the shops are released on Tuesday or Wednesday with a completion range of Wednesday through Sunday of that week. Responsiveness is reported as good. However, phone contact is better than email for a quick response. One shopper called the application process onerous but worth it.

My Experience: Personally, I have been aware of this company for several years but have previously declined to apply because of the lengthy application process. After deciding to become a trained ninja, I found it took me a bit more than an hour of active time during an afternoon to complete the steps of the application process.

First, I found the application page from a Jobslinger posting. I entered some basic information and was promised an email within 15 minutes if there were shops in my area. It came quickly and I was invited to take the MIR test. It took nearly an hour to read the handbook and take the test. On it there is some basic information familiar to every shopper. However, there are also questions unique to mVentix that require some effort to pass it at 80% or better. After submitting the test, feedback was immediate with all correct and incorrect answers displayed. I passed. A short time after that I received an email inviting me to go to IntegriRep, the job board. After logging on there and giving some more detailed information including payment information, I had access to the job board. I am now a ninja!

Conclusion: This is a well-liked company that does things a little differently. The website has exclusive terms for the job board, shopper training area, and shoppers. The application process appears intentionally difficult to navigate. However, forum users are universal in liking this company that offers easy shops at fair pay and pays like clockwork. It is also a company that allows shoppers to self-assign a shop before passing any necessary client certification test. If there are shops in your area (check Jobslinger), this company appears one for a lengthy relationship that is worthy of the investment of time to apply.

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