5 Companies with Jobs for Mystery Shoppers

New mystery shoppers often wonder which mystery shopping companies to register with.

Some mystery shoppers like simple, quick, short-reporting shops and some shoppers like more intricate detailed shops. In this fast growing industry, we have highly detailed video shops listed below to more simple shops that might require little narrative.

Each is unique in their own way. Each shopper decides what they will fall in love with and what shops they will avoid. Below are a few choices to consider and if you haven’t signed up with these already, what are you waiting for?


  1. Mintel Group Ltd.

Created 44 years ago, this market research firm has offices in Chicago, Shanghai, Belfast, New York, Sydney, Toronto and Toyko. In 1997, Mintel became the first Market Research Supplier to provide access online. Mintel currently operates in over 150 countries. The U.S. base office is located in Chicago, Illinois. Nicholas Berry is the owner and founder of this company.

Mintel stands as the worlds leading Marketing Research Firm, with over 30,000 Mystery Shoppers, also known as Field Associates.

Mintel provides Customer Service Evaluations, In Store Audits, Advertisment Compliance, Product Purchasing and Direct Mail Collection. Mintel Research Consultancy creates custom and confidential research for individual clients, including World-Wide Product Retrieval, Quality Assurance, Category Assessments and Custom Consumer Research.

To learn more and to register with this company, visit their website:

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  1. Stericyle Expert Solutions (formerly Corporate Research International (CORI).

Stericyle Inc. (Stericyle Expert Solutions) is a global company established in 1989. Formerly known as Corporate Research International (CORI).

They currently have 600,000 customers they service, with 550 worldwide office locations on 4 continents in 22 countries. They primarily deal with providing highly specialized solutions that protect and enhance the clients brands.

They are involved in Recall, Retrieval, Returns and Audits. They are also involved in Automotive Recall Management, Logistics and Research.

Their mystery shopping program ensures that clients meet their business objectives, protect their customers brand perceptions, strong loyalty to the brand and observe how employees influence their brand image.

To learn more and to register with this company, visit their website:

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  1. Cirrus Marketing Intelligence (CMI)

Founded in 1993, Cirrus Marketing is a customer-experience management company with over 1.5 million reported experiences in their database, working with companies of all sizes, big and small. They are long time members of the MSPA.

Their motto:  “We believe in ethical and professional standards at all times.” CMI is located in Anaheim, California. For over 23 years, CMI has also been a licensed and insured private investigative agency.

They are heavily involved with Apartment Shops, Automotive/Dealer Shops, Call-Center Shops, C-Store and Gas Station Shops, Fitness Shops, Spas, Hotel Shops, Satisfaction Surveys and Web Surveys, IVR’s (Customer Interactive Voice Response Surveys) Phone Shops (recorded or non-recorded) Competitor Intelligence, Compliance Audits (tobacco and alcohol) Movie Theaters, Theme Parks, Customer Intercepts/Exit Interviews, Digital Image Audits, Incentive Mystery Shops/Rewards Shops, Market Research, TimeShare Shops, Supermarket Shops, Drug Store Shops, Multi Satisfaction Surveys, Furniture Shops and Famous Automakers Brand Shops.

To learn more and to register with this company, visit their website:

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  1. New Image Marketing Research (NIM)

New Image Marketing was created in 1989. Based out of Fort Myers, Florida, this privately-held company is a long time member of the MSPA and has a large mystery shopper database.

NIM mainly deals in Retail Shops, Petroleum Shops and C-Stores/Gas Station Shops, Grocery Stores and Big Box Stores, NIM is also invovled with Compliance,  Pricing Strategies, Market Analytics, Data Collection, Quality Assurance Programs, Image/Brand Standards, Demographics, Mapping and Consulting.

NIM believes that: “Sound decisions are made based on quality information” and they get that information every day, through their large data base of qualified, professional mystery shoppers.

To learn more and to register with this company, visit their website:

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  1. Clear Evaluations

This company is based out of Houston Texas. Clear Evaluations has been in business since 2004.

They deal primarily with Video Mystery Shopping. With a combined 15 years previous video mystery shopping industry experience, Wesley and Leslie Jeter came together to create this company in 2004. Wesley is quite talented himself, as he builds his own concealed cameras, plays a big part in the recruitment of video mystery shoppers and their training, along with the extensive training of the video equipment and also edits the video shops too!

His wife Leslie is equally talented. She is the Co-Founder of VSN (Video Shopping Network) and served as the Shopping Education Committee Member of the MSPA. She is also a Charter Sponsor for the IMSC (Independant Mystery Shoppers Coalition) Together they make quite a team!

Shops they cover include: New Home Builder Mystery Shops, Apartment Video Shops and Retailer Video Shops. They also do Banking, Automotive, Retail and Restaurant Video Shops.

To learn more and to register with this company, visit their website:

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In closing, hopefully this inspires those of you who have always wanted to video shop and how to get started. Some of you have seen these mystery shopping companies and weren’t sure if you wanted to take the plunge. Registering is a good idea, even if you don’t see any shops you want this month, the MSC’s always get new clients!


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