Service Research Corporation

Company Overview: Located in Lincoln, NE, Service Research Corporation has been in business for about 20 years. There is no data on their site regarding the industries and areas they serve. Going through the Prophet system, I was able to determine they currently have a restaurant in two or three states. Their website is http://www.serviceresearch.com.

What Others Have to Say: Comments by shoppers on Mystery Shop Forum tend to be positive. There is not much discussion about the company. What’s interesting is that one of the topics discussed is how hard it is to find shops with this company. There are no complaints about payment.

Overall: With no complaints about late payments or reports being returned for frivolous reasons, Service Research Corporation rates an A. However, as you can see from this review, there is virtually no information available on the company because there is virtually no information on their website.

There’s a joke among video shoppers who shop in the DC area, and it’s along the lines that, if you’re asked who you work for, you reply, “The government.” It’s understood that reply means the NSA, or No Such Agency. I’m here to testify that it’s easier to find information on the NSA than it is to find information on Service Research Corporation.

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