Jacques Clouseau

Advanced Feedback

Company Overview:  Located in San Diego, CA, Advanced Feedback is “a MSC with over twenty years and 1.7 million shops of experience.” The company has shops in all 50 sates, Canada, and Mexico. Based on the banner ads of clients on their website, Advanced Feedback serves a wide variety of industries, including hospitality, customer service, retail, transportation, and light industrial.

The business has an A+ rating with the San Diego BBB, but they are not accredited with that organization. There have been no complaints filed against them in the past three years.

Personal Experience: I have only completed one shop for this company. The report was not that difficult, although it was somewhat detailed. The reimbursement and payment arrived as advertised and within the time promised.

What Others Have to Say: The lack of a traditional job board is a common area of concern among shoppers. The company has their own methodology to assigning shops, to wit [from Juliet Dirlam, Onsite Accounts Manager, Advanced Feedback, Inc.]:

There are 4 reasons we may have not contacted you for shops after registering:

1 – You live more than 20-30 minutes away from the shop location (this radius is referring to Onsite shops, not video), or other shoppers live closer than you or already have a route planned that includes where we need video shops in.

2 – Other shoppers in your area scored higher than you on the shopper registration quiz.
When screening for shops, we first look at location, then compare how shoppers scored on the registration quiz. Often, there are multiple shoppers registered in the area we are scheduling, so we will contact the highest-scoring shoppers first.

3 – You do not fit the shopper demographic specified by the client.

4 – You fit all of the criteria above, but so did another shopper and they registered before you.

In response to your feedback, we have re-evaluated our registration process and will be adding better explanations of what to expect after a shopper completes registration, including a way to find out how you scored. We hope to have a job board feature eventually, but for now direct email is the best way for us to make sure the most qualified shopper for each specific assignment is given priority.

The above has been reduced to the key points. The original post is here: http://www.mysteryshopforum.com/read/6/220603

Website: http://www.advancedfeedback.com/. Registration is via their own proprietary form.

Overall: On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this company at 8 to 8.5. I find the archaic system of waiting to be notified about shops to be frustrating, and I can understand the frustration that some of the route shoppers are experiencing with this company. Their prompt payment schedule is a redeeming factor which raises their overall score in my opinion.

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