All-Star Customer Service

Overview: All-Star Customer Service (ASCS) is a privately owned corporation established in 2002 and headquartered in Crowley, TX. The company conducts mystery shopping and audit assignments in the US, Canada, Mexico and Central Europe. They specialize in the retail, hospitality, healthcare and financial industries.

After an extensive search of the BBB, even though All-Star Customer Service has been in operation since 2002, no record could be found.

The company’s website is primarily aimed at recruiting new clients and does not offer an area for shoppers to apply nor any shopper job board.

After yet another extensive search, the link for shoppers’ registration was finally located in a 2009 posting on the Volition website:

How to Sign Up & Get Assignments or Seek Help: The registration link is listed above. ASCS uses the shopmetrics software platform, so the application process is pretty straightforward and relatively quick. Summit Scheduling handles the scheduling for the company.

The ASCS phone number is 817-295-3013 or shoppers can send an email to

Types of Assignments and Pay: Recent posts on Mystery Shop Forum indicate that ACSC is currently offering reimbursement-only restaurant assignments.

Reporting: Although no shoppers’ comments, describing the reporting experience, could be found, one shopper noted he was considering “a $100 reimbursement dining w/bar with 138 shopmetrics fields”. Since he accepted the shop, one can assume the shopper considered this a reasonable report for a dining with bar assignment.

What Others Have to Say: Since 2006, only two discussions threads about All-Star Customer Service exist on the Mystery Shop Forum. In 2014, a member expressed concerns about payments not being received within the stated terms.

In 2015, payments were not mentioned, however a shopper complained about the restaurant’s location not being revealed in the job posting. David Kantner, President and Owner of ASCS, responded to the complaint and suggested the poster call or email the company directly to obtain the location information.

Another forum member reported, “David is a class act and they are wonderful to work for. I did a series of shops for them last year and was very impressed.”

Conclusion: With the limited amount of information available about All-Star Customer Service, it could be difficult to make a recommendation, however knowing that if significant problems existed with this company, there would certainly be more than two discussion threads on Mystery Shop Forum. For this reason, shoppers are encouraged to give ASCS a try.


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