Jacques Clouseau

All Star Customer Service

Company Overview: All Star Customer Service is a mystery shopping company apparently based in Dallas, TX. I say apparently as their website only has an email form for contacting the company. There are links on the site to media references about the company, and all the media listed is in Dallas, so the conclusion is they are apparently based in Dallas.

There is nothing on their website that indicates how long they have been in business. There is also no easy to find shop board on the site.

The company serves the following types of businesses: financial, entertainment, food service, apartments, retail, healthcare, airports, and others. They use the Shopmetrics platform and you can register at https://allstar.shopmetrics.com/shopperSignup.asp.

Personal Experience: Although I have been signed up with them for almost a year, I have received no communications regarding available shops.

What Others Have to Say: Apparently the company has some internal communications problems. One shopper applied for a financial institution shop and reported on www.mysteryshopforum.com:

“They got the “go-ahead” on Monday and wanted the shops done immediately. I agreed to do it Wednesday but both the instructions and the e-mail directions from the scheduler were incorrect. By the time I got straightened out what the correct instructions should be Friday was the best I could do – and it was the last possible day to do them shop.

They use a Shopmetrics platform and they require you to print out the worksheet, fill it in immediately after the shop, and e-mail it to them after completing the report. They made a point of saying in the instructions that you don’t get paid unless you send them your handwritten notes on the worksheet. I got my shop submitted fine, but when I e-mailed the worksheet, I got an undeliverable e-mail, so I forwarded to the scheduler. I’m curious to see if I’ll get paid. The report wasn’t onerous but the hurry-up-and-wait, wrong instructions, short turnaround, and e-mail problems gave me a bad feeling. I couldn’t find a contact number or e-mail on their website.”

The same shopper later reported that payment did occur as advertised and they would be willing to do more shops for All Star.

Another shopper reported that they had been doing some fee plus reimbursement shops that were suddenly changed to reimbursement only with no notification. The shopper went on to comment that, “Company is easy to work with, reports are detailed.”

Overall: The company appears to be reputable, although communicating with them appears to be difficult. I’m a shopper who believes that if there is a problem, or a potential problem, it is best to get it resolved before the shop. Given the apparent communication difficulties, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate them at 6.

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