Apartment Shoppe

Company Overview: Apartment Shoppe “provides personalized mystery shopping services to apartment communities. We have provided apartment leasing, training, and mystery shopping services for the past 20 years.” Trying to find out information about this company is akin to what Churchill said of Soviet Union foreign policy, it “is a puzzle inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma…” as their website is an exercise in minimalism. Their web address is http://www.apartmentmysteryshopper.com/. Clicking on “Contact Us” will just open your email link.

Personal Experience: Sadly, none. This company has no shops in my immediate area, and only an occasional shop in areas I may travel to. I filled out the application, but I have not received a username or password so I don’t know if I’m in their system or not.

What Others Have to Say: There are no comments regarding Apartment Shoppe on www.mysteryshopforum.com.

Overall: A company’s website is their chance to sell themselves to potential customers. In the case of Apartment Shoppe, those customers are apartment management companies as well as mystery shoppers. It bothers me when a company does not use this opportunity to “sell itself”, it’s like walking along a sidewalk and not bending down to pick up a $10 bill.

In doing these reviews, as when I do reports, if things don’t always look good, I try to end things on a positive note. There’s nothing here that I really see as a positive. But there are no major red flags either. If you accept the adage that, “No news is good news,” perhaps the lack of available information is a good thing.

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