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Apex Mystery Shopping

Company Overview: Sometimes the real mystery about some mystery shopping companies is trying to find out information about them. This doesn’t necessarily have negative connotations. It simply means that the MSC might be more of a small boutique business with a certain niche, and/or doesn’t promote itself well.

Apex Mystery Shopping is a family owned business that has been operating for over 10 years. It is based in Arlington, Tennessee.

This mystery shopping company specializes in on-site evaluations for multi-family communities, new home sales, apartment associations, and senior housing. They also offer opportunities for audio recorded phone assessments related to housing.

The majority of the work seems to be in its home base state as well as Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Arkansas.

There is very little information on their website about their company. I got the feeling that it might be a DIY website, and what happened after I signed up reaffirmed that belief. After submitting my very brief application, I was taken to another site advertising building your own website.

Not that there’s anything wrong with DIY projects of any kind. But this company might want to check out some of the information that many other MSCs provide prospective shoppers. And it would definitely be better to have a confirmation of some kind after submitting an application rather than being sent to another business.

Signing up with Apex Mystery Shopping is quick, much briefer than any application I have filled out with any other MSC. The company states that after completing their online form, shoppers will be contacted when assignments are in their area.

Visit www.apexmysteryshopping.com. Click on the “Be A Shopper” tab at the top right of the page. Then click on the “Apply Now” link at the bottom of the page. Fill in the basic information and your’re done.

The website says nothing about payment policies. However, in the little bit of discussion that there is about this company on www.mysteryshopforum.com, one shopper described being paid by check and another being paid by PayPal. All commenting on payments made by Apex compliment it as being fast.

Interestingly enough, Apex does mention its reports on its website, stating that they are 6 to 10 pages in length. Shoppers say the reports are in an Excel spreadsheet format, which is a little unusual nowadays. However, forum members that have completed assignments for Apex have said that the reports are not overwhelming, and that there is no picky editorial feedback.

The pay scale is said to be better than many for the same types of assignments.

The Apex name can cause some confusion. Another legitimate MSC also uses Apex in its operations, ath Power Consulting. A past scam also used this name. So be sure to double-check where any email notifications/solicitations are coming from.

Personal Experience: None. I would encourage those in the southeastern region to post on the forum to share their experiences with other shoppers about Apex as there is very little discussion presently.

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