Beyond Hello

Overview: In 1991, in Madison, Wisconsin,  Beyond Hello was created by Gary Godding and Christopher Warzynski, who both, 23 years ago, dreamed up an idea that would help improve businesses. This concentrated around helping improve the customer experience for their future clients. They would do this by creating a dynamic mystery shopping company.

Beyond Hello began with the name, “Secret Shopper Network” and they later changed the name of the company to, “Beyond Hello, Inc.” The business grew from a two-man operation, to what it is today. They successfully work with many well-known clients. They have a large In-House Quality Assurance Team. Every evaluation and audit from the mystery shopper,  goes through a multi-quality control review process, before finally sending the report to the client.

Added fact:  Mr. Warzynski once served in the distinguished position of  MSPA President. Mr Warzynski has taken Beyond Hello to an industry leader in customer service measurement, online data reporting and custom created programs for clients.

Current CEO: Currently, Lisa Van Kesteren is the CEO/COO. She was the Founder of Mystery Researchers Mystery Shopping Company. She is also a Founding member of the MSPA.

On October 7, 2014, Mystery Researchers aquired Beyond Hello, as well as Insula Research.

Project Variations: Beyond Hello performs: Airport Shops, Surf Shops, University Shops, Kids Clothing Shops, Art Museum Shops, Upscale Men’s Apparel Shops, Luggage Shops, Realtor Group Shops, Mens Upscale Undergarment Shops, High End Bath Fixture Shops, Large-Men’s Retail Shops, Exotic Teens Clothing Shops, High End Hand Bag Shops, Upscale Coffee House Shops, Luxury Retail Shops, Spa Shops, Movies Theater Shops, Health Care Screening Shops, Specialty Retail Shops, National Chain Shops, Big Box Stores, Shopping Malls, Outlet Mall Centers, Wellness Clinics, Vision Specialist Shops, Chicken Wing Shops, Exotic Sushi Shops, Sunglasses Shops, Around the World Fair-Trade Shops, Fast Food Drive-Thru Shops, High-End Travel Shops, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Intercept Surveys and Merchandising Audits,

Average Pay Times: The shops pay on the 15th of the month, for the previous month the shop was performed. They pay only through Paypal and I checked my data-base and was paid 30-45 days after the shop. *Beyond Hello does not reimburse for parking fees, gas or tolls. This does not apply to valet shops, if required.

Pay Rates for Shops: The Shops averaged $10 such as Sunglasses Shops and Exotic Sushi Shops. Fair-Trade shops averaged $15 and the Mall Shops averaged $25 with a $2.95 gift card fee reimbursed. The upscale Travel Shops averaged $30.

Special Notes: Beyond Hello belongs to the AMA (American Marketing Association) ICSC (Internation Council of Shopping Centers) and MRA (Marketing Research Association).

Beyond Hello’s message: “Our secret shoppers effectively convey the essence of the customer experience, by looking beyond the surface….beyond first impressions…beyond hello.”

Charitable Causes: Beyond Hello volunteers to contribute customer service assessments to the animal adoption experience. I thought this was great that they offered this service for animal adoptions.

Scam emails: Scam emails have become so prevalent and the misuse of Beyond Hello’s name for illegal financial gain by scammers. Beyond Hello advises:  “If you get a scam email (forward to us) and then please contact the following: BBB, MSPA, FTC, Dept of Consumer Protection Agency, Local Police and the FBI.

BBB: When I tried to do a search of Beyond Hello, BBB shows them as closed but it provided a link to Mystery Researchers. (as a result of the merger aquisition).  When I viewed Mystery Researchers rating, it said: B+

What other shoppers have to say: I don’t recall any real complaints about Beyond Hello. I think the shoppers love the “fair pay” of the Mall Shops. I think in the past, I have heard from shoppers, that they wish the sunglasses shops paid a little better but overall this is a great company.

Contact Information:

Beyond Hello, a Mystery Researchers Company

1718 Peachtree Street N.W. Suite 550, Atlanta Georgia 30309



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