Beyond Hello

Company Overview:  Beyond Hello is primarily retail oriented. Their clients range from sunglasses to clothing, automobiles, high end plumbing, and more. Most of their shops average in the $10-15 range and the reporting is in line with the pay scale. They have recently started some exit interviews that pay $45 for three hours. I don’t know if these are a test or if this location will actually become a new client. For the most part, the pay scale is in line with the report requirements.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Beyond Hello has been in business for over 20-years. They are accredited with the Wisconsin BBB. There has been one complaint against the company in the past three years and it was successfully and satisfactorily resolved.

Personal Experience: Beyond Hello was one of the first companies I had signed up with. They do pay as promised, the end of the month for shops completed in the preceding month. For example, shops completed in September will be paid at the end of October.

Although I don’t do many shops for them now, I still stay on their mailing list as I consider the shops to be good fillers on a route. I won’t drive far out of my way to get one of these shops but, if I’m going right by the location on a route, it’s a no-brainer in my book to stop and do a 10 minute shop with a 15 minute report for $15.

I haven’t seen many shops bonused with this MSC.

What Others Have to Say: Posters on www.mysteryshopforum.com almost uniformly praise Beyond Hello for their paying according to the terms set forth in their ICA (Independent Contractor Agreement). There is an area of discontent among some shoppers when it comes to Beyond Hello’s e-mail notifications. First is the fact that some shoppers complain that they are receiving e-mails for shops that aren’t in their area. I’ve had the same thing happen, but since the locations are alphabetical by state, it makes it fairly easy to scan through the list and delete the e-mail if there is nothing in my area, or an area I might be traveling to.

A bigger concern, and one that I share, is the repetitive nature of some of the e-mails. A notification will be sent out and then, perhaps an hour later, the same notification is sent again. This redundancy of the e-mails can be aggravating, especially when the only difference is that one or two of the shops have been filled. While it’s not unusual for shoppers to receive e-mails from locations outside of their area, it seems that the frequency with which Beyond Hello sends the notifications is what makes them stand out negatively in this regard.

Overall: Among the universe of MSC’s, Beyond Hello scores high. They have a wide variety of shops, the pay is pretty much in line for the work required, and they pay on time. Just be prepared to be inundated with e-mails when the deadlines to get shops filled approach.

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