Circle of Service

Company Overview: Circle of Service, based in St. Louis, Missouri, has mystery shops in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. From the company’s website, they serve clients in multiple industries including: spas, retail, travel, healthcare, hospitality, telemarketing, automotive, and apartment/condominiums.

Registration is at http://circle-of-service.com/ and is on the Prophet system. The company did have their website copied and was a victim of the “check scam” that so many MSC’s seemed to have faced.

I did a random search of five states on their website. The most prevalent shop was for a tire service company. I did also see a few wireless communication shops.

Personal Experience: I have not completed any shops with this MSC although I will start checking their job board a bit more often after doing this review.

What Others Have to Say: Searching the comments on www.mysteryshopforum.com reveals a company that most shoppers are happy to work with. One shopper complained about an audit they just picked up from a different MSC, saying that it isn’t worth shooting more pictures for less money. Another shopper mentioned that he shoots roughly 100 pictures per audit [three of each item] just to make sure he’s covering everything that needs to be covered. There was only one negative from a shopper about a report being returned for clarification, and that was countered by an overwhelming number of positive comments.

Overall: Much like doing reports, it’s nice when there are positives about an MSC as it makes writing the review much easier. Shopper comments reveal that the company pays like clockwork and as advertised. Circle of Service is another A+ MSC and one that should be in every shopper’s arsenal.

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