Confero Mystery Shopping

Overview: Confero was created in 1986 and has since grown, and covers assignments in the 50 U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, Europe, Puerto Rico, Guam and Japan. They have over 130,000 shoppers.

Currently Elaine Buxton serves as President. The total leadership combined offers 55 years of combined experience. Confero also works with Nevada for conducting mystery shops legally in that state.

Project Variations: Currently Confero Shops: Banking-Teller Shops, Finance Shops-Stocks/Trades, Auto Dealership Shops, Quick Oil-Change Shops, Airport Post-Security Shops, Mystery Telephone Shops, Fortune 500 Companies, Home Services (home repair), Regional Large Retailers Shops, Food Service Corp. Shops, Automotive Repair Shops, Grocery Store Shops, International Airport Shops, Regional Bank Shops, Automotive Parts Shops, Car Wash/Detail Shops, Auto Dealerships, Coupon Redemption Check Shops, Audits/Announced-Covert, Customer Surveys, On-the-Spot Rewards Shops, Convenience Store Shops, Computer Shops, Military Base Shops/Base Exchange Shops, Stock Trade/Investing Shops, Fuel Shops, Youth Activity Shops, Brewery Shops, Movie Theaters, On-Line Movie Ticket Shops, Educational Shops, Telephone Mystery Shops, Customer Service Surveys (IVR and Web), Customer Exit Interviews, Performance Consulting Shops, Recognition Incentive Programs, Hospital Shops, Medical Practice Shops, Consumer Products Shops, Theme Parks, Real Estate Shops, Shopping Centers Shops, Insurance Services Shops, Institutional Food Service Shops, Retail Centers, Shopping Mall Shops, Truck Stops, Theme Parks, College Campus Food Services, Airport Food & Beverage Shops.

Facts: Confero utilizes a Quality Assurance Team (QAT) to carefully review the reports submitted by shoppers. Each QAT is responsible for a certain client demographic. Confero uses a 1-10 rating scale and gives explanations and ratings for that rating. Confero requires a screening process for shoppers, to get an idea of their background and if they meet certain criteria. Confero uses Sassie based COMPASS reporting systems, for reporting online shops. They also use Geo-Verify for their shoppers.

Extra Facts: Confero conducts Benchmark Studies. This is a Mystery Shop where none of the employees know that they are being mystery shopped. Confero strives to get a baseline comparison to compare for future results. It is then that the employees are told there will be a mystery shopping program. Confero advises clients to keep the shops going on a regular bases so that associates won’t know when the shopper is coming. They advise posting the results on the employee community board, black out the employees name, so that typically, it could have been any employee committing the infraction/good act. Confero believes the mystery shopping results should be shared with everyone in the store, because mystery shopping will ultimately reveal the business weakness levels.

Linked-In Scam Alert:  There are hackers breaking into Linked-In accounts and pretending to be friends with the victim. They post “supposed” great mystery shopping jobs working with Confero and the earning potential of $300 per shop. Confero has posted warnings on their web site and on their BBB page, warning potential would-be shoppers, that they are NOT posting jobs on Linked-In. Shoppers are warned to never accept checks for large amounts and the average fee for a shop is $10-$15, not $300.

Confero is a Charter Member of the MSPA.

BBB: Confero is BBB Accredited with an A+ rating.

PayDay: Confero pays on the 20th of the month, for shops completed the previous month. Confero pays by paypal.

Pay Rates: Fast Food Shops pay an average of $6-$9 plus reimbursement. Grocery Shops pay $10 shop fee with $3-$5 reimbursement. Better restaurants can pay up to $30 reimbursement and fees that range from $10+ depending on the complexity of the shop.

What others have to say: I have not heard any hard complaints but I have seen shoppers ask about their pay for shops. Whether this has improved or been rectified, I am not sure, but other than slow pay, I have not heard any concrete complaints about working with this company.


535 Kiesler Drive
Suite 204,
Cary, N.C. 27518.

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