Corporate Risk Solutions

Company Overview: Founded in Georgia in 1997, Corporate Risk Solutions was located next door to Asset Protection Associates, which was founded in 1991. The owners of each business soon found themselves referring clients to each other, and realized the synergistic benefits of merging, which they did in 1999. Their website is www.corporaterisksolutions.com.

Personal Experience: Only in the past six months or so has a client of this company opened a store in my area. I found the report to be just a bit difficult as the report is for a full-service store and the particular store in my area is an outlet store. Things such as the minimum required time to remain in the store, asking about a current seasonal item when outlet stores are running one season behind, etc., make the reporting a bit more difficult than it needs to be. I found the fee to be acceptable but it would be nice if the report could be modified to take the outlet stores into account.

What Others Have to Say: There have been no discussions of Corporate Risk Solutions or Asset Protection Associates at www.mysteryshopforum.com.

Overall: I would give this company a B+ rating based on my rather limited experience. I found the payments to be on time and as advertised. The only problem I’ve experienced, as noted above, was trying to fit a report for a full-service store into an outlet store. The biggest problem is the time requirement to be in the outlet store. To me it screams “MYSTERY SHOPPER!!!!” I would still encourage shoppers to sign up with this MSC and give their shops a try.

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