Customer Impact Mystery Shopping

Overview: Customer Impact was founded by Mark Green, Scott Hiller and Clay Torro in 2008. Previously, the Trio had worked/and Founded Speedmark Information Services Inc.

In 2008, Market Force purchased Speedmark Inc.

The Trio of Green, Hiller and Torro, then developed Customer Impact in 2008. The Trio stayed in close touch with Market Force, until the business transition was complete.

Interesting Facts: Mike Green has been the Former President of the MSPA and has also been  involved with the MMRA (Mobile Marketing Research Association).

Client Quote: “Customer Impact paints the whole picture: the good, the bad and the ugly. We can be our own worst enemies when we try to objectively rate our business. We need the unbiased eye of a professional to give us the true customer perspective.”

Current: Customer Impact has well over 200,000 Mystery Shoppers. They have 40,000 Field Reps that conduct merchandising and data collections.  Customer Impact has clients in all 50 states. They have nearly 50 employees that handle the day-to-day operations. A special thanks to Jessica Kasney-Schedular/Recruiter and Barbry Booth-Scheduling Manager, who are both very dedicated employees of this company.

Project Variations: Customer impact performs the following: Banks, Convenience Store Shops, Hospitality Shops, Cowboy-Boot Store Shops, Baking-Goods Company Shops, Famous Margarita Shops, Sub Sandwich Shops, Country Theme Restaurant Shops, Steak Houses (Multiple Clients) High-End Steak Houses, Breakfast Dining Shops, Famous Chain Dinner Shops, Supermarket Shops, High End Window Treatment Shops, Furniture Supply Shops, Seattle-Based Specialty Grocery Store Shops, In Person Evaluations/Reveal/Reward Shops, Video Shops, Competitor/Pricing Shops, Product Roll-Outs, Promotions and Pricing Audits, Better Mattress Shops, Hunting/Sports Shops, Bar Shops, Brick-Oven Pizza Shops, Mattress Topper Shops, Web Surveys, Table-Side FeedBack Surveys, Phone Shops, Urban Shops, New York-Related Restaurant Shops, Mobile/QRCode Surveys, Employee Surveys, Exit Interviews, Comment Cards, Social Media Monitoring, and  Pizza Buffet Shops.

Customer impact Business Motto: “Make an Impact, not just an Impression.”‘

Core Beliefs: For our clients: “We offer Integrity, Quality and Superior Customer Service.”

Impact Statement: “The only thing better than Great Customer Service, is “Consistent Customer Service.”

Reporting: Customer Impact utilizes the Sassie Reporting System.

Great Video from Customer Impact regarding Note Taking for Mystery Shoppers:

Pay Rates: The Mattress Shops average $12. The Pizza Buffet Shops average $8 Fee and $8 Food Reimbursement. Higher End Dining Shop prices vary by complexity and length of shop.

Pay Day: Ranges from the 15th of the month to the 25th of the month, for the previous month shopped.

What other shoppers have to say: From what I have read, Customer Impact is one of the most liked mystery shopping companies, in part, due to the great schedulers and their high professionalism and excellent treatment of their shoppers. I have been with them 5 years and they always pay me on time,been fair and communicate well and I have nothing but good things to say about this company.



3091 University Drive, Bryan, Texas. 77802

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