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Customer Impact

Company Overview: Although one of the newer mystery shopping companies to come to our industry, this business was established from the foundations of other related entities.

The founders of Speedmark Info Services and Green & Associates merged their companies, which was later acquired by Market Force. In 2009, they created Customer Impact, drawing upon their 40 years of combined experience to establish relationships with about 100 companies nationwide. Customer Impact states that they have approximately 100,000 shoppers currently.

Examples of some of their clients are available for review on their website. Industries include restaurant, hospitality, retail, grocery, and financial.

Customer Impact pays via PayPal between the 15th and 25th for work performed the prior month.

To sign up with this MSC, visit www.customerimpactinfo.com. Click on the “Shoppers” tab, and use the pull-down menu to select “New Shopper Signup”. This will take you to a typical Sassie application process. Writing samples are requested.

After the registration has been completed, you can peruse the availability of assignments on their job board. Occasionally Customer Impact will send out email notifications of opportunities, or will contact shoppers via phone to fill last minute assignments. This MSC does not use the Mystery Shop Forum Job Board to make shoppers aware of possible assignments.

Before completing an assignment for CI for the first time, it is requested that the shopper call the MSC to have a short briefing with a scheduler to go over the details and to get any questions answered.

The comments from shoppers on www.mysteryshopforum regarding Customer Impact are overwhelmingly positive.

Many have stated that the CI staff is nice to work with, being supportive and professional and encouraging. Several have cited instances of receiving notes of appreciation after completing an assignment. Feedback is useful. More importantly, if errors occur during the on-site visit, the staff tries very hard to use a report and to compensate the shopper for their time and expenditures. Posters have said that the CI staff is forgiving of small issues.

The only detractors from the above cite that there is one specific editor that is difficult to please, which was mentioned by several posters.

The chief complaint of most forum members is that it can be challenging to be awarded an assignment as there is so much competition for the shops offered by CI. Some recommend that shoppers new to this company request less upscale assignments in the beginning to prove themselves to the MSC as well as to familiarize themselves with how CI wants assignments completed.

The higher end assignments required detail narrative. It was suggested by shoppers who have worked with CI for years to be sure to follow the examples given and to follow instructions to the letter.

Many forum members have described Customer Impact as one of their favorite MSCs. Few instances of issues came up in discussions about this company. Shoppers appreciate the availability of reaching staff during the business week and the responsiveness received. Bonuses can be generous. Pay is timely and accurate. Many assignments are very enjoyable.

Personal Experience: This MSC does not offer any assignment opportunities in my area.

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