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Dynamic Advantage

Company Overview: If the mystery shopping industry awarded companies the equivalent of a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, this MSC would definitely be among the potential recipients.

Dynamic Advantage is one of the veterans in this industry, having over 60 years of experience. Their website claims that they were one of the pioneers in the early days of mystery shopping, helping to create the industry that it is today. In those early days, mystery shopping was mostly focused on integrity issues. The founders of Dynamic Advantage found a need to expand this function, adding elements related to customer service and hospitality to the evaluations.

Dynamic Advantage is a family-owned entity headquartered in Burbank, California. It is BBB accredited. Industries served include restaurants, transportation, education, grocery, automotive, amusement, financial, and retail.

Although the website for Dynamic Advantage does not cite their payment policy, posters on the Mystery Shop Forum mention that payments are received in a consistent timely fashion, usually in a little over a month.

To learn more about this MSC, visit www.dynamic-advantage.com. Signing up with the company, however, is done via another link – http://shop4us.dynamic-advantage.com. Dynamic Advantage is run on the Prophet software platform. The typical application includes one section for narrative describing a recent mystery shopping experience, and is followed by an Independent Contractor Evaluation.

This short quiz should be passable by anyone with common sense and basic work ethics. After submitting an IRS Form W9, you are done. Log-in information will be sent via email after the application is reviewed.

Although Dynamic Advantage used to post opportunities on the Mystery Shop Forum website, they haven’t done so in about nine months.

Comments from shoppers on www.mysteryshopforum regarding Dynamic Advantage include remarks like “great company”, “love this company”, “two thumbs up”, and “wonderful company”. One of the postings that really stood out said that Dynamic Advantage “recognizes the value of quality shopper retention, and respects their shoppers”.

Other positive feedback shared on the forum stated that this MSC has a “nice staff”, “good people”, and is “very helpful” and “highly appreciative”.

Reports are said to be reasonable. Assignments are described as being easy and enjoyable. The company is mentioned more than a few times when discussions are pertaining to lists of most favorite MSCs to work with.

Over and over again, shoppers mentioned experiencing no hassles or other issues. Critical editorial feedback is not part of this company’s culture.

Shoppers state that pay is fair for the work involved. Dynamic Advantage provides a generous 24 hour turnaround for submission of reports. Several forum members gave high recommendations for this company to other shoppers.

Personal Experience: This MSC has not yet posted any assignment opportunities in my area.

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