Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence

Company Overview: Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence (EERI), is a privately owned video mystery shopping company. It was incorporated in 2006 by Jonathan and Cherie Przybyl and is headquartered in Gilbert, AZ. The company specializes in the retail industry.

The business is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has earned an A+ rating. New shoppers can register at

Types of Assignments: EERI offers video shops of retail stores, which currently consist of convenience and grocery stores and furniture companies. Shoppers, or auditors as EERI refers to them, may use their own approved covert equipment or the prototype hardware, belonging to the company.

Open Job Notification: EERI works with a small pool of shoppers, who, on average, are assigned a route of 70 to 200 shops per month in their general geographic area. This ensures the shoppers enjoy a decent monthly income and that the company has access to highly trained auditors. In addition, EERI believes that developing a close relationship with its auditors is integral to the success of both.

Recently, EERI has contracted with a client, with whom the route concept does not work. For these assignments, they have enlisted Edlund Data Services to post and schedule the shops.

Reports: Shops are reported, using Talon, EERI’s proprietary software platform. According to the company’s website, “It is the first mystery shopping platform that we know of that fully combines video data and reporting.”

No information is available about the complexity of the reports, however one job posting stated, “The shop should take 30-60 minutes including the report.”

Payment Schedule: Although the official payment policy is 30 days after the route is completed, in reality, it often occurs significantly sooner.

Unique Features: EERI solely offers video shops with a singular concentration on the retail industry; in lieu of a job board, the majority of their shops are assigned in routes to a small group of known auditors; they believe in the importance of developing a personal relationship with their shoppers; and the payment cycle is relatively short.

What Shoppers Have to Say: Although very limited feedback exists about this MSC, on Mystery Shop Forum the posts have been consistently positive. One shopper in particular was very vocal about the positive attributes of EERI: “Rather than fighting for $10 assignments I was given a recurring amount of shops on a monthly rotation in the same category.” and “I was much closer to the company than I ever have been with any others.”

Recommendation: Based on the positive shopper feedback and the BBB A+ rating, if you are a route video shopper, we highly recommend registering with Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence and becoming part of their auditor database.

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