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Grass Roots Performance Measurement

Company Overview: Although this mystery shopping company has an international presence and has been in operation for over thirty years, this business has escaped the notice of many shoppers.

Grass Roots Performance Measurement, otherwise known as GRPM, is based in the UK. Its North American offices are located in Miami, Florida. Over a year ago, it had merged with another MSC, Mystery Guest Inc.

The GRPM website states that it conducts 150,000 assignments each year, and that its U.S. database of mystery shoppers is over 500,000.

The assignments offered by GRPM include upscale retail, restaurants and fast food, hotel and leisure, banking and finance, as well as automotive.

GRPM uses a variety of methods for making payments to shoppers. Those include check, debit cards, and gift cards.

Go to www.grassrootsmeasures.com to register. Click on “Register To Dine & Shop”. Agree to the ICA, then complete the brief registration.

You may encounter a glitch in this process, as several other applicants – as well as myself – have encountered. Fortunately, GRPM technical support is quick to respond and resolve issues.

Once you have access to the GRPM website, take the time to complete more detailed info about yourself, available equipment, willingness to travel, and other information that may make you more eligible to be selected for assignments. By the way, GRPM classifies assignments as “observations”.

GRPM does have a job board, but it is not as easy to use as those of other MSCs. It doesn’t have a feature that allows you to select other areas outside of a 50 mile radius of your home zip code.

Posters on www.mysteryshopforum.com give favorable feedback about this MSC. GRPM is described as being a fast and timely payer. No specifics were given on either the forum or the GRPM website regarding actual payment turnaround times, however. Reimbursements are said to be generous.

Forum members have stated that they very much enjoy working with the GRPM schedulers, as they are flexible and understanding. Reports are easy, without tedious editorial feedback and/or requests. Some posters have stated that this is a top notch company.

One of the few drawbacks mentioned is that many shoppers are in areas not serviced by Grass Roots Performance Measurement. Another complaint is that rotation periods have been extended on some assignments. Lastly, some posters have said that it takes quite a while to get a confirmation of a requested assignment, which can play havoc with shoppers that try to plan out routes.

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