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Guest Check Inc

Company Overview: Just as with a previous review for a mystery shopping company with an almost identical name, there isn’t a lot of information about this business on their website. Likewise, this is one of the few instances in which there isn’t much to learn on the Mystery Shop Forum. A big part of the problem in trying to research this company is that another mystery shopping company has an almost identical name – GuestCheck Inc.

This has caused a lot of confusion among forum members. When reading over the commentary on the forum, it can be difficult, if not impossible to tell which entity members are referring to.

Our purpose today is to provide you with identifying information so that you will know with certainty which mystery shopping company is which.

Guest Check Inc., the subject of this article, has its name divided properly into separate words. The other company’s name is combined. The website address for the mystery shopping company featured today is www.theguestcheck.com. The other company’s address is www.guestcheckinc.com.

Furthermore, Guest Check Inc. is headquartered in Golden, Colorado. The other MSC is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both have checkmarks in their logos. In the Guest Check logo, the checkmark follows the name. In the other logo, the checkmark precedes the name. Here is the logo for the company that is the subject of this review:


So now that we’ve clarified which company we are reviewing, onto more about the subject of this article.

Guest Check specializes in the hospitality industry, offering assignment opportunities for hotels and resorts, restaurants and bars, golf course facilities, and spa amenties.

To sign up with Guest Check, visit their website at the address provided above. Double-check the logo to ensure you are on the correct site.

Click on the “Join Our Team” tab, followed by the link “Proceed to Application Form”. There will be a brief application, followed by a space for narrative regarding your mystery shopping experience. After submitting your completed registration, the MSC will contact you via email or phone if they consider your skills and talents a good match for their assignments.

There is no login or job board. Nor does Guest Check post open assignment opportunities on the Mystery Shop Forum job board. Mystery shoppers are contacted directly when needed. Sometimes in order for a new applicant to be considered for assignments, a phone interview and/or a detailed hospitality narrative is required first.

Comments from shoppers on www.mysteryshopforum about Guest Check are pretty much unanimous in agreeing that this company requires extremely detailed and voluminous narrative, even more so than other MSCs specializing in the hospitality industry.

Their website states that a single night hotel stay will require about 17 to 20 pages of narrative in addition to other worksheets. Restaurants and bars will require about 3 pages of narrative in addition to other worksheets. Posters on the forum have said this is accurate.

However, Guest Check is highly lauded for its staff. Schedulers and editors as well as the owner are said to be pleasant, easy to work with, and flexible.

Additionally, pay is timely and fair for the work involved. Many seem to enjoy the assignments and working with Guest Check. Some mystery shoppers have worked satisfactorily with this MSC for many years.

Personal Experience: This MSC has not yet contacted me regarding any assignment opportunities in my area.

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