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International Service Check

Company Overview: Not to be confused with another mystery shopping company going by a shortened version of this name, International Service Check has a global presence. So for those shoppers looking for assignments in Europe, Asia, the Mid East, as well as North America, this company may be worth checking out.

International Service Check claims to have 1000 satisfied clients in a wide variety of industries, spanning fast food to fine jewelry. They also offer other worldwide opportunities in automotive, finance, fashion, grocery, hospitality, retail, cosmetics and real estate. This MSC states that it has a base of 500,000 mystery shoppers and a decade of experience in this field.

Their website currently says that payments are made directly to a shopper’s account within 25 to 50 days of report submittal for an assignment. However, shoppers on the Mystery Shop Forum have posted that they have been paid via PayPal in the month following the month in which an assignment was completed.

To initiate the signup process with International Service Check, visit their website at www.internationalservicecheck.com. Click on “Service Checker”. From the pull-down menu, choose “Register Here”. Although the application does not include narratives, it still requires a great amount of detail about your consumer habits, available equipment, and other miscellaneous demographic information.

Signing up does not guarantee a shopper access to open assignments. International Service Check does not maintain a job board. According to their website, opportunities are “offered by invitation only”. Even when shoppers are notified, it is necessary to respond quickly, as many assignments go fairly fast.

Sometimes opportunities are posted on the Mystery Shop Forum job board, so check in from time to time to see what is available. International Service Check was posting regularly a year ago, and it is hoped that they begin to do so again soon.

Shoppers posting on www.mysteryshopforum have stated that they like working with this company. Pay is quick and accurate. Schedulers are flexible and helpful. Assignments are enjoyable, especially those termed as “luxury” projects.

On the flip side, many agree that the pay is low. Several recommend holding out for a bonus when possible.

Most forum members also agree that reports are lengthy, tedious, and time-consuming. One shopper cited a questionnaire of 190 questions for an assignment paying only $20. Other shoppers have likewise described reports with endless questions not being in line with low fees.

Although this MSC lists opportunities in many industries, shoppers mostly mention assignments involved with cell phones, boutiques, jewelry stores, and clothing.

Personal Experience: Although I have been signed up with them for several years now, this MSC has not yet notified me of any assignment opportunities in my area.

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