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Jancyn Mystery Shopping

Company Overview: Located in San Jose, CA, Jancyn has been in the mystery shopping business for over 30 years. According to their website, Jancyn’s mission is to, “provide you with the qualitative and quantitative data you need, using employee performance measurement tools to drive improvement for your business. Our “insight from the outside” is a valuable resource with the power to eliminate ‘blind spots’ in customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can’t fix what you don’t know.”

Registration is straightforward on the Prophet system and is accessed via their website, http://jancyn.com/. Their shops consist primarily of property management, retail, restaurants, and financial services.

Personal Experience: I haven’t done any shops for Jancyn, mainly because they fall off my radar when I’m route planning. I find dinner shops in areas where I’ll be there for lunch, and/or vice versa.

What Others Have to Say: Shopper comments regarding Jancyn tend to be mostly positive.

One shopper observed,

“I have no problem with this company. And according to the website: ‘Payment will be sent to you within 4-5weeks via PayPal in USD for a valid shop’…They have never failed. And the forms are easy and short. My scheduler is easy to get along with. I have only been in contact with the scheduler because reporting is not one of those silly ones where the editors are confused whether the task is mystery shopping or graduate school dissertation. As long as you follow the guidelines, they do not have the habit of nitpicking to get out of paying the fee. It is one of the MSCs that has my respect.” Another shopper noted, “I wanted to pass on a very positive experience with Jancyn. I totally messed up and did the wrong location for a breakfast shop. I had no excuses. I e-mailed the scheduler and was honest about my mistake. It had also now gone beyond the due date for the shop. However, she was able to extend the deadline for one day and I finally made it to the correct location. I appreciate them working with me on this situation.”

Overall: Based on the comments left by shoppers on www.mysteryshopforum.com, I believe Jancyn is one of those companies that should be on every shopper’s list. Shoppers generally feel that Jancyn’s reports are appropriate for the work involved. I know that the research for this review will lead me to keep Jancyn in mind when I’m planning routes in the future.

There was one negative comment but it appeared that the directions may not have been completely followed in that instance, and it dated from 2008, so I am strongly inclined to discount that particular comment. Based on all the comments, I feel comfortable rating Jancyn a 10.

To learn more about Jancyn, read their article about writing the perfect mystery shopping report.

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